Why Does My Internet Connection Keep disconnecting? PART I


This article can be read stand alone or in conjunction within the series of Troubleshooting disconnection problems. If you are following this in series then it is recommended that this is the first steps you take before following our other troubleshooting disconnection problems.

Picture the situation you’re happily chatting away on Facebook with one of friends then suddenly your internet connection drops. Sure this has happened to us all at one time or another however if this is a regular occurrence there could be an underlying problem.




As in all troubleshooting the trick is to rule out the simplest and cheapest options first before you work your way up to the more complex and costly options.
Initially you need to check all connections are secure between the BT socket and the router. This should consist of a micro filter going into the socket which then acts as a splitter with cables, one going to your telephone and the other to you router.


micro filter 1


Next think about if you have recently introduced a new piece of equipment to any of the phone sockets in your home, whether it be a fax or a new phone.  If this is the case temporarily remove the device and see if the problem still occurs.  If the problem goes away you will need to look at how the offending device is connecting to the phone line, ask yourself is it connecting via a microfilter, do you have too many devices connecting etc.


socket overload


Micro filters should also be present in all other phone sockets extensions that are in use around your home.  Don’t forget to check this is the case if you have a sky box that will be connected to a phone socket.


phone socket



Finally micro filters need to be ruled as being faulty, although there is plenty of debate over how long they will last, some will tell you 18 months, other 5 years.  In truth it’s not possible to gauge its life span, personally know of filters lasting just 6 months whereas others have been working happily for 3-4 years.




If you have only just received them with your router it is possible they could be faulty out of the box, unfortunately this does happen.
If in any doubt buy some new ones, if this will mean replacing a few you could also try using just using one phone socket and see if you can recreate the problem in order to rule out individual filters one by one. Obviously this will depend on how frequently the disconnection problem usually presents itself. If it normally occurs every few minutes then you will soon see which if any of the micro filters is at fault.




Also try to do all testing at the phone master socket and to rule out the actual master socket remove its lower front panel by removing the two screws and plugging the micro filter into the exposed test socket as shown below.


bt test socket


Hopefully replacing the micro filters will cure the problem, if not continue to read our other troubleshooting guides concerning disconnection problems.