What is it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; it is a secure link or tunnel between two or more devices.

Do I need it?

If you value your security and privacy online then yes!

How much does it cost?

There are currently three IP Vanish price plans:

$10 (£8.06) from month to month.

$77.99 (£62.89) per year which equates to $6.49 (£5.23) a month

$26.99 (£21.76) per quarter which equates to $8.99 (£7.25) a month

What operating systems is IP Vanish compatible with?

ipvanish clients

  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Ubuntu
  • Chromebook
  • Routers

What makes IPVanish different?

If you have looked into VPN before then you cannot have failed to have noticed how many VPN providers are out there.

IPVanish is a tier-1 VPN service, which means that it can reach any network on the internet without purchasing IP transit or paying settlements meaning it has the potential to offer the best network speeds. The reason I mention speeds is that any connection that employs encryption like VPN will always seem some speed loss when compared to an equivalent unencrypted connection.

Installing and testing.

IPVanish Control Panel

For the purpose of this review, we used the Windows client on a Windows 10 system and OpenVPN protocol.

The windows client is free and available for download from the IPVanish website which also provides very clear and detailed instructions on how to install and configure the client. The client provides an easy to use interface allowing the user to select which server they wish to connect to. The immense amount of servers available are located all over the world and can be sorted by various criteria like country, protocol, latency etc. Your obtained IP address can be configured to change at pre-determined intervals. The use of a kill switch can be employed in order to cut the connection if for any reason the VPN should stop so ensuring no data is allowed to be compromised. The interface also provides the ability to enable DNS leak protection. The external IP address obtained can be easily verified confirming your connection is secure.

The biggest concern with any VPN service is the unavoidable drop in speed the encryption creates. Thankfully due to the tier 1 network I found that when connected to the service my download speed only dropped by approximately 3Mbps to about 32Mbps when compared to a like for like download disconnected from the VPN. I found the service to be reliable regardless of whether I was browsing anonymously or downloading.


Use on more than one device.

IPVanish MultipleVPNConnections

These days households don't just have one device, your's might have a laptop, a tablet, and two smartphones but fear not you can use IPVanish simultaneously on up to five devices with just one account!

Torrent users.

If you regularly download torrents your first priority should be a VPN and your considerations should be:

  • A VPN provider that allows peer 2 peer traffic like torrents.
  • A VPN provider that allows you to pay anonymously using a payment like bitcoin?
  • A VPN provider that keeps no logs.
  • A VPN provider that can maintain a fast network.
  • A VPN provider that provides unmetered VPN bandwidth.

Rest assured IPVanish provides all these features as standard so makes an ideal choice for the torrent downloader.

SOCKS5 Proxy

Also included in the price of your IPVanish VPN subscription is a SOCKS5 Proxy which is of particular benefit to torrent users and can prove to be faster than VPN!



geo blocking

The term geo-blocking refers to access to certain online content is restricted or blocked dependent on your location in the world. Ordinarily, when you connect to the internet your Internet Service Provider provides you with a unique number called an I.P. address, which amongst other things reveals your location. Examples of this are BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub that only allows visitors located in the UK to access their content. Similarly, Netflix provides different content depending on which country you reside in. By using a VPN you can choose the country, and even the city that your anonymous I.P. address is associated with and in so doing means you can be physically located in one country but appear to be another country meaning you can watch any geo-blocked content regardless of where you reside. As IPVanish has over 40,000 I.P. addresses on 600+ servers in 60+ countries you will never struggle to watch content that is geo-blocked, combined with the fast data transfer that IPVanish has to offer your video content will not be slowed causing buffering.


IPVanish is a very capable service and whether looking to increase your security and privacy while doing some online banking in the local coffee shop or your downloading torrents you really should consider a VPN and you won't go far wrong with IPVanish.




  • Free IPVanish VPN client software
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Direct access to the fastest VPN Network Worldwide
  • Unmetered VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP Protocols
  • 5 Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • “No log” policy
  • Bitcoin accepted


  • Slight reduction in speed