When it comes to broadband providers there are a number of considerations you should be aware of. Although price may seem the guiding factor some broadband packages may not end up being as cheap as you initially believed. First you need to be aware that most broadband providers offer more than one package, but isn’t a broadband package the same as the next one I hear you say. The simple answer is NO; each package has its own merits depending on your usage and setup.

First you need to discover what speeds your telephone line is capable of handling; after all if your line can only handle up to 4Mb there would be no point in paying for a package that offers 20Mb:
The simplest way to do this is to head over to the BT.com website and select “Broadband” and click on the “Check your speed” button.


select broadband

Next tap in your telephone number including STD code.  This will reveal a pop up window like that shown below.


check speed


In the example above the estimated speed is 11.0Mb; this is an approximate value and suggests the line is capable of this speed.

Next you need to look at what you will be using broadband for, to simply use one of the categories below:

LOW USAGE – Check email, browse Facebook etc
MID USAGE – All of the above PLUS downloading MP3 music files.
HI USAGE – Combined LOW and MID usage PLUS streaming video.

LOW USAGE would require included usage of approx 1-3Gb.
MID USAGE would require included usage of approx 3-6Gb.
HI USAGE would require included usage of 6Gb.
In essence if your usage will be heavy then don’t choose a package offering included usage of 3Gb as you are likely to have your account capped or slowed down or even charged for the additional usage!
With your choice narrowing down next consider reliability and customer service of the internet providers. You can check sites like thinkbroadband.com where other users rate them. Alternatively try ringing the providers concerned and ask them various questions and see how helpful they are.
Finally consider contract lengths and be aware that you will be held to the contract period and will have to pay a penalty to leave early.
Whoever you choose to provide your broadband make sure you stay protected with up to date anti virus software and make sure you router is secure so others cant connect via your connection by following our other guides.
Happy surfing!